Welcome to the Assemblies Portal

Hello and welcome to a spiritual banquet!!

To help many of the friends in my congregation, I have for years been recording the various assemblies, conventions, and special talks. These friends are either infirm and cannot physically make it to these events, or some are performing other duties during the event and they miss parts, or they just want to listen to them again later. In either case, I have sort of been delegated that responsibility. I used to make up to 25 CD’s or DVD’s per event and that was really eating a lot of time. So I created a portal for these friends to download the parts at their leisure. This was a tremendous time savings because most of them had high-speed internet anyway.

So that has been the case for 3 or 4 years but times are a-changin’. I have recently made some changes to my web site that have made it more noticeable to the outside world. I have redesigned some of my portals to be SEO compliant and that has boosted traffic to my web site. Because of this, people from around the U.S. and the world are coming to look around and some are also interested in hearing these talks.

Therefore, I have had to make another change. To those that have been here before will notice the look and feel is quite different than it was before. First of all, the categories (which are now on the right) have been restructured by service year instead of a rather cryptic abbreviated shorthand. Second of all, there used to be one user name and password that I would email to all interested ones. I have decided that now each person can have their own user name and password. The rest is basically the same. You need to log in before you can download anything.

So all those currently using the site and any newly interested ones, please register by clicking the “register” link to the right underneath the login section. Most of the registration information is straight forward but I do ask several personal questions to make sure that 1) you are not a bot trying to infiltrate my web site and 2) that you are in fact a Jehovah’s Witness wanting access to this material. Once you register, I will receive an alert and then verify your registration information. If it looks fishy to me, I will not validate your registration. But if it looks OK, I will validate it and you will get a confirmation email that I have done so. Then HAPPY DOWNLOADING!!!! Also, do not worry about the information that you are entering, I will not be distributing it to anyone; it is for internal use only.

If for some reason, I reject your registration and you feel that I should not have, please email me back and I will be happy to discuss.

One last comment, then I am done, really. I have created two user types. One is for my local friends. They are the ones that attend these events with me. They will receive access to download the parts for the assemblies as soon as I upload them to the portal. They will also get more personal talks like the CO talks during his visits that are customized to our congregation. Then I will have another type for all the rest of y’all interested ones. I will not release the event talks until the beginning of the next service year because I want to adhere to the Society’s direction as much as possible and don’t want to release parts to ones prior to your local assembly or convention. By the end of the service year, everyone would have already had it so the information would have been fully distributed. They I will release it. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience but I want to try to follow the precepts of the Society to the best of my ability. Any special talks or older talks that I receive and upload will be made available to everyone immediately.

May the content of this site be as spiritually upbuilding to you as it is to me.

Download Instructions

There are some instructions if you need help with this site. If you are computer savvy, then just choose a category and an assembly and go to town. For the rest of you however…

Assembly Contents

  • All the talks are broken out individually, as mp3 files.
  • The workbook that I used to take notes (empty, you have to take your own notes), as a Word document.
  • A picture of the badge (if available) and pictures of the front and back of the program, as jpg files.
  • Standard playlist files compatible with many mp3 players, as m3u files.
  • 1 or more burnable CD image(s) and possibly a burnable DVD image, as iso files. These images can be burned directly by any CD/DVD burning software like CDCreator, Nero, etc.
  • Compressed files of the each day of the assembly, as zip files. There will also be one complete compressed file for the entire assembly including all the files listed above. These files are for people that do not want to burn a cd/dvd but just want all the talks downloaded to their computer. They may want to format their own cd/dvd’s from the talks.

Other Notes:

  • After each file name, in parentheses, is the size of the file in kilobytes (KB). There are 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte and there are 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte. So basically, each comma in the file size is a factor of 1024; the first comma makes megs and the second comma is gigs.
  • Some of the files, when you click on them, will pop up a dialog box asking you what you want to do with the file. You will want to save it to your hard drive. Save it somewhere that you remember so you can retrieve it later. Other files will load up directly into your browser. If you cannot determine how to save those files, hit the <BACK> button and right-click the file name. When the popup menu appears, choose “Save target as…”. This will allow you to save it to your hard drive.